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Terms and Conditions for Entrepreneur Yoga


  1. In order to book, the participant must declare that s/he has read and agrees to the general terms and conditions

  2. The minimum age for participation in this retreat is 18 years



  1. To secure your reservation, payment must be made in full via payment link at time of booking. If online payment is an issue, please contact me at to discuss other payment options.



  1. If the agreement is canceled by the participant Flow with Caitlin the following cancellation costs apply:

    • in case of cancellation more than 1 week before the event, a refund will be granted

    • in case of cancellation 1 week before the event, no refund will be granted

  2. Flow with Caitlin does not give a discount for shortened participation (later arrival, earlier departure) to the event



  1. Flow with Caitlin is not liable for injuries/illness incurred by the participant during the event and/or the journey to/from the event. The participant is responsible for his/her (physical) well-being

  2. Flow with Caitlin is not liable for damage and/or loss of personal belongings during the event

  3. Flow with Caitlin is not liable for unusual or unpredictable events; including strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, accidents by third parties, technical problems with the accommodation, fire, theft, flood and weather conditions. In the case of one/several of the above, refunds and compensation are not possible

  4. Flow with Caitlin has the right to pass on any costs to the participant when the participant is responsible for damage and/or loss to the accommodation/property

  5. Flow with Caitlin expects the participant to treat the property with respect and to leave it in good condition at the end of the event

  6. It is not allowed to smoke inside. Smoking outside is permitted, provided that other participants are not inconvenienced by this and ashes and others are cleared away by the participant

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