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Letting go is the hardest asana

January is a time for new beginnings. There is a feeling of starting the year with a clean slate and leaving whatever isn’t serving us behind. The world feels fresh and full of possibilities.

But often despite our best efforts to leave unwanted habits and baggage in the past, those pesky little residues have a way of lingering and overstaying their welcome.

Even though we want to let go, why is it so d*%mn hard to do so?

Letting go is the hardest asana.

Letting go isn’t something that happens instantly. We as humans tend to cling to what we know, despite the fact that it doesn’t always serve us. This is because letting go is a process which can take time and consistent dedication in order to release.

Letting go doesn’t just mean ‘relax’, although relaxing the body and mind can certainly help facilitate the letting go process. But letting go can sometimes mean fully experiencing your emotions and thoughts, and being present with them despite being uncomfortable.

Our yoga practice can help us to facilitate the letting go process. By creating space in the body, we also create space in the mind. As our muscles begin to release tension and soften, so do our thoughts and the external world starts to fade away.

Then we can truly turn inward, begin to be present with our thoughts and emotions, and start the process of letting go.

As yogis, we can hold warrior 2 for multiple breaths, fold forward and touch our toes, or maybe even stand on our heads, but by far - letting go is the hardest asana.

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