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The Space In Between

As spring graces the Northern Hemisphere, there is a notable shift in season as the sun rises earlier, the days are longer, birds are chirping, and trees and flowers are blooming. The feeling of new and fresh is in the air and the possibilities feel endless.

Just before spring arrived, I noticed myself mentally done with the winter and feeling ready for the summer to arrive quickly. But I started to look around I realized that there was a beautiful transition happening from winter into spring. And if the weather skipped quickly from one season to the next, I’d be missing out on all the beautiful changes happening around.

In life we often rush from one thing to the next,

without noticing the space and time in between which also make life delicious and juicy.

This month in my yoga classes I focused on the space and transitions in between poses. In yoga we also tend to move from pose to pose to pose, and are so focused on being in the pose and ‘doing’ the pose. But there are so many beautiful moments and opportunities for awareness and discovery in the spaces in between. For example, the rise up from cobra pose into downward facing dog is just as much an opportunity to discover as being in downward facing dog itself. Yet we often move without awareness in the moment, and just focus on the next thing to come.

Yoga can help us to cultivate awareness and to stay present in all moments of the practice. And what a beautiful lesson that is to take off our mats and into our daily lives.

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