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Your Balance lies Within

December is an interesting time of year. As nature around us begins to slow down and go into hibernation mode, our human desires also reflect this rhythm. There is a strong desire to turn inward, slow down, and rest.

Simultaneously, the end of the year buzz draws us outward. Within the whirlwind of the holidays, work and family obligations, and feeling like our to-do list has to be completed before December 31, it’s easy to feel like we are being pulled in two completely different directions. This can lead to feeling fragmented, exhausted, out of balance, and ungrounded. And it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves when we are feeling off-kilter.

Luckily, yoga accommodates this duality, allowing us to honor both sides of the coin on our mats. Through our practice, we harmonize the need for energy and the desire for stillness. And we take care of ourselves in the process.

Imagine yourself moving through your day, with an inner calm and grounded presence while feeling energized, as if there is nothing holding you back. Wouldn’t that be amazing? What would that look like for you? How would it feel?

Another one of the many benefits of being more centered and balanced in ourselves is the impact it has on those around us as well.

When we move through life from a place that is centered, grounded, and balanced, we not only show up better for ourselves, but we show up better for those around us.

The impact of being more centered radiates out beyond us to everyone we encounter. It's a ripple effect, elevating not just our own experience but enriching the lives of those around us. When we can navigate life's demands while maintaining a steady, anchored presence, finding harmony between action and calm, the sense of balance echoes outward. It’s like the ripples of a pond, growing into meaningful waves.

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