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Find your Center

When we talk about our center in yoga, yes, we are in part talking about the physical core. But your center is so much more than your abdominals. Your core is YOUR center. It is where your inner strength, confidence, and courage emerges from.

When we tap into the core in our yoga practice we are moving from a place of physical strength as well as mental strength. We find stability and balance not only in the body but also in the mind. As our inner fire grows, so does courage, strength, and determination. In addition, tending to our inner fire will also help us burn away mental roadblocks - which lead us to a state of mental focus and freedom.

The more courage and strength we cultivate, the less likely we are to listen to the voices our head that tell us we’re not good enough or strong enough. We learn to trust ourselves more.

This month in my classes I have been focusing on moving from your center, and letting that feeling of strength radiate out through your body. When the core is ‘online’ and integrated with the whole body we find stability and a sense of being grounded. From that comes powerful yet stable energy comes confidence. By focusing inward on our own inner fire, we can then radiate outward into the world with more energy, inspiration, passion, and creativity.

I invite you to spend time connecting to your center this summer, to tap into the warm and vibrant energy around you, and to be open to what might arise!

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